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CEI, Inc. specializes in Low Voltage Data Communications for Commercial, Educational, and Industrial markets.  We employ industry leading test equipment to ensure all connections pass TIA/EIA Standards and Compliance.

When it comes to existing networks, not all are equal, and without due diligence TRs can deteriorate into unnavigable messes of copper and fiber; furthermore, with advancing technologies old infrastructures will not handle modern bandwidth requirements.  When this becomes an issue certified professionals (competent in Copper, Fiber, and new Wireless technologies) will evaluate existing networks and problem TRs, and provide cost effective solutions for budget minded customers

As a professional cabling contractor we support a variety of customers and their networks throughout New Mexico and the surrounding areas.  We interface directly, from the ground up, with the customer and service providers to understand their needs and how together we can best accomplish these objectives.

Once the best course of action has been determined, certified professionals will work diligently to build out and cable the customer's TRs (Telecommunications Rooms).  In building the Commercial Premises, Racks and Racking Systems can be built out to meet any and all customer requirements.

One of the first realities that we face when reviewing customer networks is that even though there is WiFi currently deployed, it just isn’t working well or at all. Often times WiFi problems can result from rogue devices deployed in the network degrading bandwidth, or the unanticipated appearance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments.  We understand the problems that can occur when installations don’t take these and other environmental issues into account.  We not only have the comprehensive software to analyze any issue, but we also employ Certified Product Professionals that understand WiFi and can implement best practices to ensure functionality.

Our Portfolio of products and services include


Voice, data ,AND fiber optical cabling installations

commercial premise wiring